Styles of Maternity Photos in Dubbo and the Central West

A little hint on

Why it's important to choose your photographer by their style

"I am so awkward in front of the camera"

"I hate having my photo taken"

"I never look good in photos but I want the photos for my kids to look back on"

These three things I hear almost every day. I am here to tell you I know EXACTLY how you feel. Something deep inside of me churns when a camera is pointed my way and I absolutely need to trust my photographer. There is no way I could just choose a photographer based on their pricing and here is the reason why:

  1. Choose a photographer based on the quality of their images. The angles, the moments, everything. If they capture the memories you want to pass on to your future generations, then they are the photographer for you.
  2. Every photographer offers a unique experience. If you are wanting femme photography- you book a femme photographer. If you are wanting wedding photography- you book a wedding photographer. No two are the same and it's so important to as ALL the questions prior to locking in your session. Do they have a client wardrobe? Do they pay the hire fee of the venue? Do they offer prints and styling advice?
  3. Every photographers editing style is different. You could give the exact same unedited photo to two different people and the outcome would be completely different after editing. It is so important to view a photographers portfolio prior to booking.
  4. Pricing is also important. It needs to fit in your budget and I truly believe that there is a photographer for everyone. If it wasn't for the people that trusted me early on when I was building my portfolio I wouldn't be here today. If you look hard enough you will find someone that fits your style and budget. While I truly believe that your images are an investment, I also never pressure you to book if you say you can't afford my pricing, I will always refer on.

Communication is imperative to a good experience when booking your family photos and I love answering your questions. Please send them all through and I will do my very best to answer them for you.

Below is the beautiful Amelia at her in home maternity session with her baby boy Mac. I adore these images and this style of photography. In-home and outdoors, a candid moment in time. If you want relaxed, warm and connected images then I am the photographer for you.