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Come for the photos, stay for central west nostalgia

What to expect when booking your photos with Emily

I know how difficult it is when you want to capture those memories but you are worried about the logistics of getting your children to be in a good mood for the hour that I have you. I want you to know that all I want you to do is play and connect with your kids. Don't encourage a forced smile, tell them a funny joke instead. I want your kids to look at the images and remember the photo shoot as a fun time had by all. I use lots of movements, games, prompts and we are all usually happily exhausted by the end of the session.

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Don't hesitate, freeze them in time, look at them over and over. Never forget how beautiful your life is.

Your family photographed artfully, at home or on the beautiful landscapes of Dubbo and the Central West

Why should you get your family photos taken?

THIS right here is the reason that I picked up my camera in the first place. I used to spend hours as a child going through photo boxes and staring at all the details just soaking in the memories. I have always felt photos deeply and now I get to capture you in your element to help you feel them in the same way. I know that you are probably thinking 'oh but my house isn't photo worthy' or 'I will save up and do it next year' or my favourite 'I will lose some weight first'. But think of those years you will have when your kids are all grown and living their best life, you have invested all those years into making sure they're respectable human beings and now you get to look back on all the memories you have together. Are they on your phone? Are they in an online gallery?

And the most important question... Are you in them?

My wish for you is that your kids get to see a glimpse of what their life was like in your arms. I am talking to you, to the person reading this who is normally the photo taker, the one hiding behind the camera making sure that your kids believe you when you tell them they got into the sudo cream and smeared it all over the walls.

They. Love. You. More. Than. Anything.

You are their world, get in the photo

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