A home water birth (content warning; postpartum haemorrhage)

When Mel initially enquired with me she explained that her last birth was really quick and that she was worried I wouldn't be able to make it in time. I explained that because I have three kids of my own and slowly accessible childcare I would book her for a newborn session and if I make the birth I'd invoice it afterwards (this is how I book all births, if people are wanting a more reliable option, I refer them on). Mel was happy with this plan so we both eagerly awaited the birth of this sweet babe.

Fast forward to 9 days after Mel's guess date, all I could think was 'once it's on it's going to be on' so when Mel text me to say she had had a show at 11pm I jumped in the car in my pjs and flew over there. I parked about a block away and waited for the call... and waited... and waited... when a police car drove past, put their lights on and came to my window to check I was ok I decided I should just go home to bed and wait for the call again. Nothing happened that night, or the following day. This scenario is totally fine and not an issue for me, I know that birth is not linear and I may be called a few times before the 'real deal'.

The next night I receive another text from Mel at about the same time that things were heating up again. I didn't hear the text message (always best to call me when you need me) but the midwife rung me on her way there so I was straight out the door again. When everyone arrives to a home birth things naturally slow, as the flow of the birth is interrupted, I generally don't take many photos during this initial period. The labour progressed overnight and Mel worked HARD to bring this baby earth side. She said she manifested a slower birth than last time but maybe she manifested a little too hard.

Six hours after I arrived Mel's water released and her beautiful baby girl was born shortly after surrounded by her doting big siblings, grandmother and of course, her father, Michael. Each sibling had a role in the birth and it was such an honour to witness them meet their new baby sibling for the first time. Mel's placenta was birthed shortly after which was followed by a postpartum haemorrhage. She lost consciousness in the bath and the midwives acted quickly to get her out (Michael was already holding her up in the bath so getting her out was swift). An ambulance was immediately called and Mel came to once she was laying flat on the ground, the bleeding was quickly controlled and she remained laying down for the rest of that day. The ambulance came and went and Mel enjoyed some skin to skin with her new baby daughter. I had to leave as the sun rose but to witness such pure raw beauty was an honour I will never forget.

Morrissey family birth film

25th of may 2022