Healing Women's Circle


There was a time that I sparked a conversation that had been happening in my head that 'all birth was inherently traumatic'. My view of the word trauma has shifted and changed over the past few years and I now see it as any significant incident or repetitive event that changes you forever. Trauma, however, carries an element that changes you for the worse, a negative birth experience can completely disempower a previously well woman. I wanted to see what others thought and after discussing with other women their thoughts on the topic, I came to the conclusion that 'all birth requires healing' and some births take much longer than others.

For years I have had a vision to offer women struggling to come to terms with their birth a space to open up and heal. I considered many different ways to do this and I kept the idea floating around in my head, waiting for the perfect time to launch it. I envisioned a one-on-one chat about the birth, a trauma release meditation and a gentle breath work session with Chantelle from Watch Me Thrive. As well as this I wanted to offer a skin-to-skin photo session with you and your baby in calming water while beautiful music plays.

The one-on-one sessions will still be offered in the future but I couldn't help but feel that we need connection in order to heal. Yes, there is certainly times where we need to go inward to process what has happened, but we are ultimately wired to connect and I think this was the element that was stopping me from launching, the missing puzzle piece

"When times are turbulent, to keep ourselves steady, we need something to hold on to. When things are crumbling around us, we must find something we can count on that won’t budge. Deep roots to hold us steady when the winds of change come blowing. A supportive community around us."

—Rebecca Campbell

What is the Healing Women's Circle?

A group of women with a kindred experience who want to start on their journey towards healing. We want to offer a safe space to share, connect and give you the tools to begin your path to feeling safe and secure and connected to your body and baby again. Chantelle and I will listen, hold space and help you navigate any feelings that pop up about your birth.

You are welcome to share as much or as little as you want to and then we will guide you through meditations, trauma release practices and ways to connect to yourself again. Your baby is of course welcome, and we will be lead by them as the day flows.

This is not a time to compare, yes some women may have more or less traumatic stories to share but you are your own person with your own feelings around the day your baby came into the world. The only person who decides if your birth was traumatic is YOU. We are also conscious that sometimes it can be difficult to listen to others traumatic stories, so if the group setting doesn't sound like something you'd like to do then please reach out for some one-on-one sessions.