Baby Oliver

Nicole and I went to primary school together. My memories of her are so pure and care free, those years you wish you could go back and relive without a worry in the world, when your only job was to find a matching pair of barbie shoes and live in each moment learning how to be (or learning how to get the barbie shoes on those tiny rigid feet, unless you were fancy and had one of those barbies with the bending knees/ankles).

Now watching her with her own children it's surreal to think that that was us not so long ago, especially enhanced by the fact that Nicole's little girl Elsie is just like her and their new little baby Oliver is the image of his father (who I also went to primary school with). It's like watching our childhood all over again !

What's even more special is seeing her as a mum, doing the most incredible job raising beautiful little humans. Thank you for welcoming me into your home to capture these memories for you.

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