Raw motherhood photos

I have always admired artistic photos of skin, particularly in the motherhood space. From the moment I picked up my camera I just knew it was where I wanted to go with my photography. I asked friends to get naked for me and they gladly obliged (thank you! You know who you are!). I then awkwardly started asking clients if they would be interested in these kinds of sessions, I knew I wanted to take the photos but I wasn't sure how they would make mothers feels, seeing themselves so raw and .. well.. naked! I tend not to ask if people want these kinds of photos anymore, I get a feel for it during a session and if people want them I can usually tell when they are feeling comfortable enough.

Beautiful Tayla is a doula and we first met online, everything she shares resonates with me and I just knew the session was going to be one to remember. She has transcended into motherhood so beautifully and it was my honour to capture such tender moments between her and her baby girl, River Rose.