Your stories..

When people ask me what my style is I often struggle to pinpoint it. I am a lover of simplicity, the exchange of knowing glance, the stroke of a hand, a forehead kiss. I can't say that I am drawn to any particular colour or style but I do know that I love capturing your human connections. Photos that transport you back to that moment in time so that you can feel the photo with all of your senses.

I know from personal experience that getting photos taken can be quite the ordeal, organising outfits, hair, make up, on top of dealing with everyone's emotions surrounding getting their photo taken. Once you are there the pressure is on to keep everyone in a good mood is high ! A lot of the time people will say to me after a session "well, that was easy!" and I am always relieved to hear those words. Making you relaxed and bringing out the best of your children's personalities is what I aim to do. I will often ask what it is that you like to do as a family, for Nancy and Maggie it was playing with their rabbits in their garden and hanging from the front fence. I hope you enjoy browsing their family photos. This session was one of my first in home sessions in 2020 and they will now and forever be my favourite kind of sessions.