In home lifestyle sessions

These kinds of sessions would have to be my all time fav. I know that many people want to get curated photos for their walls, with their hair and make up perfectly styled and their outfits all coordinated and in a perfect location, there is NOTHING wrong with this- you are paying good money for photos so why not put the time into making them look their best. In fact, these are mostly what I capture!

But there is nothing quite like being welcomed into someone's family home, their safe space, their solace. The way they interact and the way the photos look has a certain nostalgia that makes me feel the high importance of this 'job' of mine. These are the photos your children will stare at for years to come and remember the way that room smelt, the dirt pile near the back fence that got all muddy when it rains, the toy lawnmower that no longer works after nights spent in the rain, riding around the backyard in the cosy coupe.

These photos are in Sophie and Peter's backyard. Sophie is an artist, she painted that fence. Ever since she shared her creation, I have wanted to take their photos in that very spot and finally the opportunity arose. I love every single one and the gallery has over 140 photos but here is a select few for you to adore.